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We invite your Early Learning Centre to participate in the Toddler and Preschool Dance Worx Australia ‘Kids’ programs.

Our programs are linking to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to provide an educational experience. Our dual program system bridges the gap during the vastly different development stages between toddlers and preschoolers.  By encompassing Munch & Move ideals as a tool for your physical movement activities which are fun, interactive and easy to implement and manage. We teach safe movement and sport practices and implement them within our programs.

We will work together to create a suitable schedule for classes and supply all the necessary equipment and teachers with their required qualifications and checks. This in turn guarantees a high caliber of teaching and care for your children.

Many studies have found that creative arts and sports programs have positive effects on children before, during and after their journey begins. From building skills to enhanced performance and focus, to keeping them out of trouble, boosting confidence, team-work and improving all-around health and social awareness. To developing fine motor skills, coordination and movement, our program can make a significant impact to your children and even teachers well-being. Below are some of the benefits your children will receive by participating in our programs and we uphold the core principles found in the EYLF: Belonging, Being and Becoming. 

We would like to formally introduce you to Dance Worx Australia and show you how we can help your Early Learning Centre (ELC) move into the future within the arts and sports world.

We recognise that administering a new subject to facilitate the creative arts and sports involves a lot of time, energy and resources. To write, design, study and implement such subjects would be unattainable especially if your ELC has had minor or limited access and exposure in these domains.

At Dance Worx Australia, we aim to help you make this change as easy and effortlessly as possible by designing a program that meets your needs. We take everything out of your hands and into ours. Our fully accredited dance teachers follow a meticulously designed lesson plan that addresses and links to the EYLF. Our program compartmentalizes the way we teach through structured lesson topics, reaffirming skills developmental progress and goal achievement. We travel to you and educate in your ELC to provide community involvement.

Our experience as professionally trained dancers and musicians is paramount, in turn, providing us with the skill and knowledge to pass on to the next generation. In today’s society, the arts and a physical lifestyle is highly regarded to changing the way we live. We want to share our awareness, confidence and experiences, in hopes to provide a stronger sense of self and empower our future generations.

What do we offer?

The program we offer is divided into four fun and educational elements: dance, music, gymnastics and fitness. Our unique programs are based on 12 week terms, creating over 48 weeks of fun and learning. By integrating dance, music, gymnastics and fitness our program will provide you with an all in one educational experience. By choosing Dance Worx Australia, you will be improving your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) by following the National Quality Framework (NQF) including quality areas:









It is important that community involvement is a part of your criteria, we are providing this service to allow the children to create a strong sense of belonging in their greater wider world.


We design a program that meets your needs

We understand that designing programs, finding the right people to implement, run and assess them all takes time and work. That's why at Dance Worx Australia, we’ve designed 4 programs targeting ages 3 – 6 years. Our programs are run linking with the EYLF so you can rest assured knowing that you'll be ticking off all those boxes when it comes to physical and creative play.

Teachers and parents can take comfort in knowing that the classes are run by fully qualified, insured instructors, who have all completed relevant Working With Children Check (WWCC). The Dance Worx Australia ELC programs offers you a cost effective, high quality opportunity to cover the EYLF & NQF and expose children to culture, the arts and physical health.

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