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Curious Cuties 

3-6 years

Developing gross motor skills in tune with music appreciation. This incorporates counting music and putting steps to beats as well as training them to recall a sequence of simple movement combinations.


7-12 years


Establishing the foundations of movements within the variety of styles and distinguishing the technique for each. This involves technical exercises for each style and intermediate levels of movement combinations.


13-17 years


Developing the style specific movements with more attention to finer details in steps and choreography. At this level, students will learn to explore movement in combination with expression and how various sequences can have particular meanings. Students will also learn to interpret movement with music and read other performances for interpretation and comment.

Private Lesson
All ages

1 on 1 tuition for students of all ages whom develop a further interest and enjoyment in a certain style of Dance. Taught by myself, or one of my highly experienced staff members, to expand their knowledge and technique.


What do we offer? 
  • Jazz

  • Hip-hop

  • Ballet

  • Acrobatics

  • Tap

  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical

  • Stretch/Technique


Length of Classes

  • Curious Cuties (45 minutes)

  • Juniors (45 minutes)

  • Teens (60 minutes)

  • Adults (60 minutes)


Uniform Requirements:

  • Ballet: Hair in a tidy bun, leotard and ballet shoes.

  • Jazz: Hair in a neat ponytail. Shorts, tights and top is acceptable clothing paired with jazz shoes.

  • Tap: Hair in a neat ponytail. Shorts, tights, pants and top is acceptable clothing paired with tap shoes.

  • Hip Hop: Hair in a neat ponytail. Shorts, tights, pants and top is acceptable clothing paired with jazz shoes or sneakers.


All dance footwear can be purchased at local dance stores such as Bloch.



122 O'Connell St, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia

Street parking available!






Please contact us for private vocal, acting and dance lessons. 


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