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We are your dancing angels in disguise: also known as, the professionals who are passionate about dance and education and want to help you, help your students to move their way into the dance strand of the PDH/PE syllabus.

Does your school need to address the syllabus dance component, but you are struggling to think of who can help because your teachers are either too busy or maybe have two left feet? Look no further and whenever you think of dance, think Dance Worx Australia (because dance really works - but we'll address that later).


So are we really dance angels?

Well, not quite but we are so close that it's scary. We are an independently owned and operated company of experienced and professional dancers and educators ready to cater for all your dancing needs at every schooling level: primary and secondary years.

Dance Worx Australia programs address the school strands of dance for the PDH/PE syllabus. They are fun, interactive and easy to implement and manage because we take everything, from the music to the training, out of your hands and into ours. We also teach safe dance practices and implement them within our programs.

We are passionate about dance and education and want to share that with students by developing a generation of confident, fit, healthy and expressive citizens.



Precocious Pre-Teen
(K-6 Program)

6-12 years


Establishing the foundations of movements within the variety of styles and distinguishing the technique for each. This involves technical exercises for each style and intermediate levels of movement combinations.

Adventurous Young Adults
(High-School Program 7-10)

13-16/17 years

Developing the style specific movements with more attention to finer details in steps and choreography. At this level, students will learn to explore movement in combination with expression and how various sequences can have particular meanings. Students will also learn to interpret movement with music and read other performances for interpretation and comment.

Serious seniors

(HSC 11-12)

16/17-18 years

In their final schooling years, students can select to continue dance as a sports activity or focus on the subject as a part of their HSC. Each program is tailored to the specific curriculum, with more emphasis on detail, refinement of movement and interpretation of choreography. Students will become more fluent in the language of movement and dance and value it as an art in their life.

After-Schools Program

6-17 years

This program offers basic, intermediate and advanced classes based on levels of capability for all ages. This saves parents from running around after school getting their children to various activities. Individual attention can be incorporated because a student is progressing through the various stages, as teachers can work on a capability level rather than age based.


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